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Roxbury Business Campus - 19 Route 10 East, Building 1, Units 7 & 8 Succasunna, NJ  07876

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Our Programs

Baby Room: 6 Weeks – 12 Months

This is the beginning where your baby will be nurtured through play, learn to explore their world with lots of love and hugs. Early on, our teachers help your child with to play with small rattles, keys, soft blocks. We encourage them to push up on arms while on stomach, roll from back to sides, sits up with support, and push on legs when feet are on a hard surface. Our teachers sing songs such as “Patti Cakes”, Itsy Bitsy Spider etc. to encourage focus and mimicking skills. We read stories, talk to them about what they are doing, and encourage their curiosity. Our teachers will use simple Sign Language to teach your child the words for more, please, thank you, milk, to help them communicate more easily.  We understand each baby learns at their own ability level. With lots of warmth, and a feeling of security you baby will flourish, learn, laugh and grow each day.


Walkers: 12 – 18 Months

As you have seen by now your infant is more active, curious and expressive. Our teachers know how much your infant loves to push, pull and dump things, stack blocks, look at books and being read to. Your baby is encouraged through active play, music and sensory experiences, shape sorters, coloring with chunky crayons and positive reinforcement that will strengthen their development.

Toddlers: 18 months - 2 Years

Your child is now walking and running!  Your toddler will love to play and explore and begins to show some independence. At this age children learn through parallel play and they are encouraged to use their imaginations.  To help them kitchens sets, trucks, bubbles, blocks and puzzles, and dress up things are arranged throughout the classroom. Along with singing and dancing, games are encouraged in class. During circle time children review the alphabet, colors, shapes, stories are read to them to enforce the letter or “theme” of the week.  Each teacher has a daily routine which toddlers enjoy; it gives them a sense of what is next. Being kind, sharing, and using their words is always encouraged.


Pre-K: 2.5 - 3 Years

In this class children are asking more questions and enjoy being helpers.  At circle time teachers review colors, shapes, numbers, their names and addresses as well as their parents names. Everything is reinforced through songs, stories, activity games, art and the use of fine and large motor skill toys.  The children begin to learn to trace letters and their names and use safety scissors. They learn to follow directions, put their things away, and be a kind friends.  Through interacting with other children, they will learn to share and problem solve.  As your child begins to show interest, teachers will begin potty training. 

Pre-K:  3 Years

As your child is leaving the Toddlers years behind, they are becoming more independent, and will learn new skills.  We teach memory skills where children learn to identify first and last names, addresses, and their birthdays (their friends birthdays). Matching games, puzzles, Legos, building blocks all help to develop their imagination as well problem solving skills. Playing with their classmates allows them to role play as well as learn to take turns and sharing. They will practice tracing, writing, cutting with scissors. With simple science experiments, cooking and art projects each child has fun while learning.


Pre-K: 4 - 5 Years

Your child is more independent, self-confident, and loves to talk and create. This class focuses on preparing students to be Kindergarten ready.  We work on pre-reading readiness, simple math, structure and routines. We encourage free play, drawing simple human stick figures, copying simple shapes like squares, triangles, and circles.  Through coloring, cutting and art we teach patience, stress release and imagination.  We sing, rhyme, and make up silly words and their definitions.  Our children love to tell stories and guess the ending to books that are being read to them. We follow the “themes” of the week and use them in creative fun ways for your child to learn and express themselves.  

Before & After School

We offer both before and after school programs for kindergartners and provide age appropriate activities.  We offer after school care for children up to 8 years old. We coordinate with Roxbury Township schools to arrange bus services to and from our center.


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